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Carlin-Simpson & Associates, LLC is a small business that provides consulting geotechnical and environmental engineering services. We complete about 200 projects each year for both new and valued, repeat clients with projects ranging from small additions to large development projects. Our office is located in Sayreville, New Jersey but we provide services throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We have also performed engineering services and construction inspection services for projects located in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Eastern Ohio. From preliminary and final subsurface investigations to construction inspection services, we can support your project during planning, design, and construction. Thank you for considering us. We look forward to discussing your next project.


We provide Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting Engineering Services that include the following:

  • Geotechnical
  • Geotechnical
    Engineering & Design
  • Environmental
  • Construction
  • Soils

Every well-planned development project, whether large or small, requires consideration of site-specific subsurface conditions. More than ever, project sites have difficult soil, slope, bedrock, and/or groundwater conditions that require the expertise of knowledgeable geotechnical engineers to identify and manage uncertainties and risks, to recommend appropriate foundation and retaining wall systems, and to develop solutions for complex conditions. Carlin-Simpson & Associates, LLC has the expertise to thoroughly assess the site and subsurface conditions and the impact these conditions will have on the completed project, which enables the design team to prepare a cost-effective foundation design and provides the construction team with valuable information regarding soil, unsuitable soil, bedrock, and groundwater conditions on the project site. In performing a specific investigation, we retain one of our professional drilling or excavating subcontractors, provide full-time inspection of the explorations, and maintain liaison with your office to inform you of our findings. Our geotechnical investigation services are listed below.

The data from the geotechnical investigation is used to evaluate the characteristics and behavior of the subsurface soil and rock and then a report is prepared for the project. This report provides geotechnical design recommendations that are site and project specific. These design recommendations include: soil bearing capacity, foundation type, estimated settlement, lateral earth pressures, slope stability, groundwater control measures, temporary excavation support, pavement design, design parameters for retaining walls and/or foundation walls, floor slab support, a determination of the suitability of the on-site site soils for use as compacted fill, and recommendations concerning any other soil related problem that becomes evident during the course of the study.

In addition, our firm can prepare design drawings and specifications for temporary and permanent retaining wall systems, braced excavations, underpinning, grouting, soil and rock slope stabilization systems, permanent sub-slab drainage systems, etc. If required, we can also prepare technical specifications for a number of additional geotechnical related items such as earthwork, rock removal, construction dewatering, pile foundations, ground improvement, and rock anchors. All engineering calculations, computer-aided engineering, design drawings and specifications, and report preparation are conducted in-house by our professional engineering team. Some of our geotechnical engineering and design services are listed below.

Carlin-Simpson & Associates, LLC also provides a range of environmental consulting services to assist our clients in meeting whatever environmental challenges their project might face and lead them to a successful resolution. Environmental issues can be varied and complex and they can significantly affect a project. Our environmental services are provided throughout the life of the project – from due diligence, to design, and through construction – with the goal of limiting environmental liabilities, reducing project costs, and keeping the project on schedule. Our typical environmental consulting services are listed below. Other environmental consulting services are also available based on the specific needs of the client, site, project, and/or local regulations.

Ensuring that construction is performed in accordance with the design plans and project specifications is just as important as the geotechnical investigation. Carlin-Simpson & Associates, LLC provides construction inspection services for both code compliance and quality assurance/quality control purposes during all phases of earthwork and foundation construction. We train all field personnel in quality control, construction methods, and safety practices. Our field technicians provide an important link between the contractor, the professional design team, and the owner by verifying the site conditions, verifying materials, supervising the contractors and the construction techniques being used, conducting quality control tests, and documenting the work progress and any deficiencies. We routinely perform the construction inspection services listed below.

Laboratory testing is typically performed in conjunction with geotechnical investigations (to define the physical characteristics of the site soils and establish soil design parameters) and also with construction inspection services (to assure compliance with the project specifications and for quality control purposes). Carlin-Simpson & Associates, LLC has an in-house soils testing laboratory with the capability to perform a number of standardized tests under controlled conditions. All data analysis and report generation is performed in-house by our laboratory technicians and professional engineering team. Testing capabilities are listed below.

About Us

Our firm was established in 1973 as Robert J. Carlin & Associates to provide consulting geotechnical engineering services. The office was originally located in Little Falls, New Jersey with a technical staff of six. The firm was relocated to South Amboy, New Jersey in 1984 and began providing consulting environmental engineering services in 1990. In January 1993, Robert J. Carlin, P.E. and Robert B. Simpson, P.E. formed the partnership of Carlin-Simpson & Associates. Robert Simpson then became sole owner in 1998. The office was relocated to our current location in Sayreville, New Jersey in 2002. 

We currently have a technical staff of ten that includes professional engineers, geologists, field engineering technicians, and soils laboratory technicians. With the practical experience and technical expertise of our team members, we are able to offer complete geotechnical engineering and construction testing services on a large range of projects. Our projects include residential structures (single-family and multi-family), commercial buildings (retail, assisted-living, churches, medical, restaurants, hotels, offices, and parking garages), education facilities (private and public schools, colleges, and universities), industrial buildings (warehouses, research/development, and manufacturing), mixed-used developments, public works projects, cell towers, solar farms, roadways, and other structures such as retaining walls, soil and rock slopes, and earth dams. As Principal Engineer, Robert Simpson, P.E. personally oversees the management of each project.

Our clients include architects, engineers, developers, contractors, local government agencies, private schools, colleges/universities, and homeowners. Most of our work is with repeat clients or direct referrals from existing clients and other engineering colleagues. As a small firm, our success has been achieved by providing practical and personal engineering services at a reasonable cost, targeted to the individual needs of our clients. It is always our intent to complete each project in such a manner that we will be recommended for the next project. 


Are you interested in working for our firm? On occasion, we are looking for persons who have a degree, are working towards a degree, and/or have experience in one of the following areas:

* Civil Engineering
* Civil Engineering Technology
* Engineering Science
* Environmental Science
* Geology
* Construction Field Inspection
* Soils Testing Laboratory

Experience in geotechnical field inspection is useful, but not required. We are usually looking for field inspectors/technicians, soil lab technicians, and entry level engineers for either temporary or permanent positions. The work requires construction inspection (compacted fill, foundation inspection, pile inspection, etc.) as well as boring and test pit inspection and laboratory testing of soils. Local travel is required – all employees must have a driver’s license and a reliable vehicle. We offer health insurance, sick leave, paid holidays and vacations, travel expense reimbursement, and discretionary year-end bonuses.

Please contact our firm for additional information or send us your resume. You can submit your resume by email or mail. Our contact information is available below.

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